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Happy Linen Co.

Based on our own experience of buying bedding for our little ones, and from feedback we have received from other parents and grandparents over the years, we were struggling to find something a little bit different, but at an affordable price. We also struggled to find bedding that was OEKO-TEX® certified ensuring no harmful chemicals are used.


Back in 2017 we decided enough was enough and the idea of Happy Linen Company was born.


In September 2017, after many months of hard work we launched with our initial range of nine designs. We ventured out to a small Christmas market to start our adventure! We spent every weekend of the festive period at these markets and even our frozen toes couldn't stop us!


We received amazing feedback and had so much fun along the way that we decided to quit our corporate day jobs to take our passion so much further.


Transform your child's room into a cozy and imaginative sanctuary with Happy Linen Co's delightful range of bedding, lampshades, bunting, and more. Their beautiful designs and high-quality craftsmanship will add a touch of magic to any space.


At Mamma Social Co, our mission is to connect you with brands that make your life easier. Happy Linen Company aim to make every bedtime a dream, not only for the kids and grandkids, but for you too! We understand the challenges of finding high-quality and unique bedding at an affordable price, which is why we are thrilled to introduce our newest brand partner, Happy Linen Company.

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Happy Linen Co offers versatile designs that can easily transition as your child grows. From nursery to toddler room, their pieces are perfect for every stage.

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