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The Wonder Weeks

The Wonder Weeks not only helps you navigate the developmental leaps but also celebrates the milestones your baby achieves along the way. From their first smile to their first steps, they've got you covered. You'll have access to expert advice, informative articles, and a caring community of fellow parents.

With The Wonder Weeks app, you can learn more about the leaps of your baby, how to cope with them, and many things will appear familiar. In addition, the app will notify you automatically when a new leap is about to start and thus help you to be always ready for the next leap!


Why is my baby crying? Many young parents are facing this question. During the research into the 10 mental leaps of babies, it was discovered that all babies are from time to time more prone to cry, cling and to be cranky. A leap may be stressful at times, but it is something positive: it gives your baby the opportunity to acquire new skills. 


Research has been discovered that babies may show signs of distress during developmental leaps, which are ultimately beneficial for learning. Wonder Weeks is here to provide you with the resources and support you need to navigate these challenges without judgment. With the app, you'll gain insights into your baby's developmental leaps and learn how to support their growth and learning.


At Mamma Social Co, we believe in the power of community, this is something The Wonder Weeks are also are passionate about. That's why with the Wonder Weeks app there is a new community feature. This will allow you to connect with other parents in a forum setting. We love it!

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The app about your baby’s leaps


Find out all about your baby’s 10 mental leaps. Learn and understand why your baby cries more during the fussy phase AND how you can support them to develop all their new skills!

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