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Father and Daughter

The Little Sleep Company

Driven by a commitment to help others discover the profound benefits of restful nights, Imogen poured her expertise and dedication into becoming a sleep hub for parents and businesses.

With a background in Psychology and nannying, Imogen fused her knowledge with a deep understanding of the importance of healthy sleep habits. Her unwavering dedication led to the inception of The Little Sleep Company, a sanctuary dedicated to guiding families and organisations towards a more rejuvenating and fulfilling sleep experience.


Meet Imogen, the founder of award-winning The Little Sleep Company.

Whilst completing her Psychology degree, she found her love for being proactive and making a positive impact on families' well-being & happiness.



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The Little Sleep Company uses truly gentle, effective, and science-based approaches to help both you and your child to sleep better both day and night!  ​

Imogen will always listen to your priorities and respect your choices, taking into consideration the whole picture.


At Mamma Social Co we completely understand how important sleep is for our families and wanted to bring to you a valued partner who can ease that strain. When your child doesn’t sleep, you don’t sleep and well-rested family makes for a happy home that enjoys calm nights and contented days. Your family deserve gentle and compassionate support strategies so why not allow Imogen to help?

What can The Little Sleep Cpmpany do for you?

Imogen offers many different options to help. From an introduction to sleep, to 1:1 personal support to empower you as parents and help you through the tricky areas of sleep.


You are also able to learn at your own pace with her incredibly helpful handbooks.

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