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BetterHelp is the leading online therapy platform with over 32,000 therapists across the U.S., UK, and Australia and members in over 200 countries. You will be able to work with a therapist that is specifically assigned to you based on your individual needs, preferences, and location. You can communicate with your therapist via phone, video and live chat, plus you can message your therapist whenever you’d like.

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BetterHelp offers access to registered, trained, and experienced Practitioner Psychologists, Counsellors, and similar applicable recognized professional certifications.


BetterHelp's social impact program is committed to making therapy equitable and accessible to under-resourced communities and individuals in need.

Relaxing at Home

With Mamma Social's partnership,  BetterHelp are able to provide four free sessions, all you need to do is be a member with us. You will also be entitled to 15% off after your first month.

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Up to Four Free Therapy Sessions For All Mamma Social Members!

 It is a deep-rooted goal to offer better access to services to our members and we feel we’ve found a truly needed service with this partnership. All you need to do is sign up below, once you're a Mamma Social Member you will then receive an email direct from BetterHelp with your next steps.

*please allow up 10 days for your BetterHelp invite

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