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Talk & Walk

Join us in your local area for a Talk & Walk


North East

We cover areas in the North East UK from Sunderland, Peterlee, Durham, Newcastle, Seaham & Hartlepool


North West

We cover areas in the North West from Lancashire, Chorley, Formby, Leyland & Rivington

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Midlands and South

We currently cover areas in the Midlands and South from Southhampton, Totton Meadows, Cheshire & Nantwich

Jane, Sunderland

“These walks have really changed parenthood for me. I feel supported and like I can be myself without any judgement."

Charlotte, Durham

"I look forward to our weekly walk and my eldest loves to come along. It really helps my mental health too."

Lisa, Bolton

“Getting outdoors really does help me and being able to go to the walks weekly gives me the company I've been needing as a new Mam.”
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