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How 9 Mam's changed my life

Kayleigh, a Mam of two found herself feeling isolated and lonely after her second child. Struggling with the changes that had come about in her life, she reached out online to other Mam's and asked for anyone feeling the same to meet up for a walk. She and 9 other Mam's turned up the very next day. This made Kayleigh realise there was a need for more support in the Mamma community and set about to create Mamma Social Co. This grew from one walk  to 13 parent leads all hosting weekly Talk & Walks and Walk & Plays. The Mamma Social Co Fest is also on the cards to become the biggest parenting event in the North East and has plans to expand services and host additional events all over the UK throughout the year.  She is passionate about helping, supporting, learning and sharing experiences.

Kayleigh is also a champion for Maternal Mental Health Allicance.

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Parent Leads

A little about our Parent Leads...

Our Parent Leads are real Mammas who represented with our mission and have a passion for bringing Mamas together. They are great leaders who not only manage and run the walks in their area but also have knack for making everyone feel comfortable, welcome, at ease and like they can truly be themselves on every Talk & Walk. 

If you are interested in becoming an ambassador for Mamma Social Co in your area please apply here.

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